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Free is a free service that allows users to connect to Teamspeak 3 servers without having to specify the IP or the port number. Some of the benefits of using are:
Free TSDNS zones will expire 35 days since your last site login or zone update. We will notify you 5 days before any zone expiry. To keep your TSDNS zones active simply login at least once every 30 days. Please understand to keep this service operating it is necessary for us to purge dead or otherwise unused zones. PRO users get permanent zones to avoid this altogether. Please consider becoming a PRO user to help support the service and to get access to more zones and features.

Paid is a paid service that allows access to the exclusive * subdomain, Increased TSDNS zone limits up to 100, and a fully featured hosted TeamSpeak 3 Control Panel.

Whether you host your own TS3 server from home or host with a ATHP you can take advantage of all these features starting at $1.30 per month.